Under Her Control

Dominant Mindi Mink had a couple of questions for Arielle Faye: "Do you know why you're here? Do you understand you're under my contril?" Arielle Faye was put on a leash and forved to follow Mindi's every order including licking her pussy or taking a big black dildo.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO […]

Nympho Tries to Study

Sadie Pop is doing so bad in school they hired Tia Cyrus to tutor her. After Sadie excused herself for an extra long period of time, Tia stumbled upon her masturbating and sexting in her bedroom. Tia knows its hard to study when you are horny so decided to help Sadie get more in the […]

The Voodoo Vendetta

Jennifer Jacobs ahs the bitchiest stepmom ever and her name is Jayden Cole. She's always on her case for no reason. It turns out Jayden is controlling her via voodoo doll. She's being forced to clean, cook, and even get naked and masturbate because of this doll.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO  

Pussy Payment Plan

Chanell Heart was pensively waiting for her divorce lawyer Misty Stone to update her on her case. Turns out she is getting almost everything! All was great until Misty dropped her bill on the table. It doesn't look like Chanell can afford it. Good thing Misty has something else in mind – getting her tight […]

Impromptu Lesbian Casting

Gracie Green was excited for her first ever casting interview. Her interviewer was the super hot Rachael Cavalli and knows a lot about the business. After some preliminary questions, Rachel asked her if she'd ever been with a woman before. Gracie says no and Rachel tells her to strip down and then get on her […]

Cold Feet Gets Hot Lesbian Heat

Izzy Bell hired McKayla Cox to help her plan her dream wedding. All the stress from planning the wedding made her not so sure if she should go through with it. Turns out that Izzy actually had an affinity for girls, and McKayla could sense it in her pussy. She began to passionately make out […]

After School Punishment

Anna Bell Peaks and her friend Lily Lane were just shooting the shit until Anna’s stepdaughter Sami Parker came home from school. She had gotten in trouble and Lily offered to go teach her a lesson. Anna Bell did not object. The girls went upstairs where Lily started to dyke the fuck out of Sami […]

A Taste of Her Own Medicine

Reagan Foxx got a distressful call about her daughter being bullied. No way she was going to let this happen. She found out the name of the bully was Lacey Channing. Reagan decided to get in her car and go give this little teen a visit. Just as Lacey opened the door Reagan grabbed her […]

Fulfilling Her Femdom Fantasy

Stoney Lynn was in a bind for cash and was willing to do anything to get it. Her boyfriend recommended an unsavory option, but Stoney was incredibly desperate. She was sent to a big mansion where she met Lexi Luna. Within minutes of meeting her, Stoney was presented with a fat stack of cash and […]

The Psychology of Eating Pussy

Lila Frey was in deep trouble after getting caught kissing another girl at school. Her parents decided she needed some therapy. She got to Sarah Vandellas office and was not fully prepared to open up about her true inner sexual feelings, but Sarah brought them out with some awkward questions. Those questions led to actions […]