Something Dripping Down Her Leg

Willow Winters hasn't seen her BF in ages and they can't wait to fuck! One of her BFs neighbors has a sick house and they now where the key is. Once they got in it was right down to business. Willows BF started fingering her on the wall then eating her pussy on the pool […]

Health Teacher's Heaping Load

Eve Ellwood always thought about her old health teacher that taught her everything about sex. He was so hot, but she was so young. Luckily she ran into him and the mall and recently turned 18! He remembered Eve, and invited her over so they could catch up. Eve wanted him to put all of […]

Let's Make a Baby

Big Pete was folding Jade Jantzen's laundry and was pissed about it. He would rather be at the gym. He came across a shirt that definitely wasn't his, and then heard Jade on the phone telling her side piece not to do that. He was so distraught he thought the only thing he could do […]

Jizz Filled Flashbacks

Shae Celestine was taking some cover from the rain with her child when a familiar man passed by. She knoew him from somewhere. Just then she got a flashback to her fucking him with no condom, and she never heard from him again. Now she's a cum filled single mom.   CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD […]

Broken Pull Out Promises

Carmen Callaway loves her boyfriend, but he'sa lways taking business trips and barely has time for her. He has the nerve to tell her to keep her legs closed, but she wants dick and wants it now. Just before he leaves they decide to fuck, and there is no time for condoms. He promised he […]

The Creampie Annuity

Izzy Bell and Nate Bronson had a great time on their first date. They couldn't wait to see each other again. After a year of dating they had gone pretty far, but Izzy cuts him off right as he's about to cum or enter her vagina. She finally was ready to fuck him and he […]

No Rubber For My Lover

Lacey Channing may have finally met the perfect guy. They spent the whole night together and related to each other emotionally on a level that neither of them knew existed. She sucked his cock raw then let him jam it inside her tight pulsating twat. Her pussy was then filled with a heaping helping of […]

Baby Talking Over Billiards

Sloan Harper is ready to have a baby! But her boyfriend is not even ready to think about it. They go back and forth until Sloan boils it down to a game of billiards. If Sloan wins her BF has to impregnate her, and if the BF wins Sloan will never talk children ever again. […]

Muslim Teen Gets the Cream

Johnny has been trying to move up in his company for a while and today is finally his big chance. The boss needs him to keep an eye on his daughter, the hijabbed Ella Knox. Johnny could tell that she has a banging body under all that cloth, and fought his impulses as long as […]

Outercourse Leads To Creampie

Madison Hart loves her boy Brad, but is super protective about her body. She will give him blowjobs all day, but never gets to penetrate. Eventually he had enough and Madison gave in. He could fuck her raw, but had to pull out. He had a little trouble getting out in time but what she […]